The Hungarian revolution and its discontents

István Rév talks with Ivan Krastev at the Vienna Humanities Festival 2017.

12. October 2017
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The 1956 Hungarian Revolution and its revolutionary bodies have been desecrated, buried, and reburied countless times. Even today, they are not allowed to rest. On 23 September 2017, István Rév, Professor of History and Political Science at the Central European University and Director of the Open Society Archives, presented the different perceptions, receptions, and interpretations of the 1956 Revolution in Hungary in a conversation with Ivan Krastev (IWM) — an entry point for understanding the contemporary politics in the country.

Watch the full debate:

Photo: Hungarian uprising freedom fighters on a captured tank in Budapest late October / early November 1956 (c) Frigyes Tomacsko /Europress / Ullstein Bild /