In line with the savings bank tradition

Joint initiatives with savings banks and savings bank foundations in Austria

1. January 2018

In addition to their joint project Zweite Sparkasse – the bank for the unbankable, ERSTE Foundation and the Austrian savings bank foundations have focused cooperation on three additional areas.

A total of 35 savings bank foundations throughout Austria use part of the dividend income they receive as owners of their respective savings banks to foster and develop the region they are based in, and to support civil initiatives. Other savings banks that are not owned by foundations also engage in social, cultural, ecological or infrastructure projects in their communities.

Collaboration of Austrian savings banks with Hospiz Österreich

The Austrian savings banks have been collaborating with the Hospiz Österreich umbrella organisation since 2007 to foster voluntary palliative care and hospice services in Austria. Together they support some 2,300 voluntary hospice workers in six federal states in their efforts to help people die with dignity.

ERSTE Foundation is particularly involved in promoting voluntary hospice services in Vienna and the states of Salzburg and Burgenland. We have also been supporting the Vienna Hospice and Palliative Care Day for several years. Grants by ERSTE Foundation and the Ministry of Social Affairs have enabled the translation of a brochure, “begleiten bis zuletzt [with you to the end]”, which provides information to relatives, into Romanian, Hungarian and Slovakian (photo).

Hospiz Österreich umbrella organisation
Erste Group Bank AG
Austrian Savings Bank Association

More information you will find at the website of Hospiz Österreich.


Complementing its existing activities aimed at serving the public good, the Austrian savings banks and the savings bank foundations set up a joint initiative in 2017: the zusammen.helfen (joint support) project funding.


Austrian Savings Bank Association, Privatstiftung Sparkasse Krems, Privatstiftung Lienzer Sparkasse, Anteilsverwaltung Allgemeine Sparkasse Oberösterreich, Die Kärntner Sparkasse Privatstiftung, Sparkasse Poysdorf Privatstiftung, Dornbirner Anteilsverwaltung Sparkasse, Privatstiftung Sparkasse Niederösterreich, Sparkasse Imst Privatstiftung, Sparkasse Groß-Siegharts Privatstiftung

More information you will find at the project’s website.



The initiative aims to achieve an even greater impact for the benefit of society throughout Austria. ERSTE Foundation, the sector’s largest institute, the savings banks and savings bank foundations have all joined forces to enhance the effect of their support. Regional partners – individuals as well as companies – can get involved together with their local savings banks. zusammen.helfen fosters solidarity at local and regional level and encourages collaboration. Every two years the project focuses on another topic of social relevance. In 2017/2018 it is supporting innovative projects that create new opportunities for young people. An independent specialist jury selects the projects, with experts providing advice and support during implementation and development. Projects must be submitted via an Austrian savings bank or savings bank foundation.

Big Brothers Big Sisters Austria


Big Brothers Big Sisters Austria
Austrian Savings Bank Association
Privatstiftung Sparkasse Niederösterreich
Die Kärntner Sparkasse Privatstiftung
Steiermärkische Sparkasse
Sparkasse Pöllau Privatstiftung

More information you will find at the project’s website.


Carefully selected and well-prepared mentors work alongside young people in challenging life situations – providing a kind of “start-up support” as they embark on successful life paths and a self-determined future.

Voluntary mentors donate their time, offering friendship and support. Particular emphasis is placed on carefully matching up the partners that form the tandems and providing professional guidance during the entire tandem process.

1:1 mentoring contributes to boosting self-confidence and independence, opening new educational opportunities, and improving social skills. In particular children and young people learn to take responsibility for themselves and their environment.

Cover photo and photo above: „Big brothers“ and „big sisters” providing a support to kids who do not all start their lifes under the best conditions. Photos: Big Brothers Big Sisters Austria