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“When Hearts Unite”

5. August 2014

This unique initiative, started by Superar choir from Srebrenica and Bauern helfen Bauern organisation, gained the immediate support of 12 music stars from the region, who recorded the “Love People” song and video together with the children choir.

When this beautiful campaign idea came from Superar Bosnia, we were delighted to offer support and encouragement, as we strongly believe that cross border help and solidarity are so much needed in the region, especially in these difficult times”, said Mrs. Doraja Eberle, founder of Bauern helfen Bauern. “We initiated Superar Bosnia in Srebrenica in 2012, aiming that, through music, children from all ethnicities come closer together and develop their self-confidence and life skills. Now, more than ever, music proves to be the language that connects us all, the language that tears down unnecessary imaginary fences, built only by the human mind among sister nations”, Mrs. Eberle added.

Musicians who have joined Superar Bosnia’s initiative include those who left a mark in the history of regional pop and rock scene, such as Alen Islamović, Mladen Vojičić Tifa and Jasna Gospić, as well as stars like Maid Hećimović, Igor Vukojević, Dragana Kajtazović and Geronimo from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Ivana Kindl, Ivana Husar and Jacques Huodek from Croatia, Daniel Kajmakoski from Macedonia and Zoe Kida from Serbia.

People have shown an impressive solidarity during the floods that have left thousands without homes, schools and incomes. In the aftermath of the floods, help is still very much needed, and especially now we should stick together. For Superar choir, music and solidarity are part of everyday lives of more than 120 children involved in the initiative, and we wanted to use music as an appeal for help to the schools in Doboj, Maglaj, Gunja and Obrenovac to re-establish their music classes”, explained Ismar Porić, coordinator of Superar Bosnia and initiator of the campaign.

Having been affected by the floods, these schools need to purchase new music instruments and other equipment that was destroyed, and also to reconstruct part of their facilities.

The “Love People” song video presents the account numbers of the four schools, as well as humanitarian phone numbers for SMS donations in the three countries.

Bank accounts for donations to schools in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia and Serbia:
»Markos Portugal« Elementary Music School, Doboj
Parallel Elementary Music School Maglaj, Maglaj

Donations from Bosnia and Herzegovina: NLB Bank account no. 562 009 0000 170 483
Donations from abroad: NLB Bank IBAN: BA395620098046096122, Swift: RAZBBA22

»Antun i Stjepan Radić« Primary School, Gunja
Donations from Croatia and abroad: IBAN: HR5923400091100171227

»Vatroslav Lisinski« Music School, Belgrade, dept. in Obrenovac
Donations from Serbia: 840-1294666-10
Donations from abroad: RS35908504100014414096

Full song credentials, information on the song and video download are available here.

Contact for media inquiries:
Andreea Gurau – Communications Manager, ERSTE Foundation,