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Opening of exhibition "AT YOUR SERVICE – ART AND LABOUR"

22. March 2012

The Technisches Museum Wien and the ERSTE Foundation are exploring new ground, engaging technology and art in dialogue. For the exhibition entitled AT YOUR SERVICE – ART AND LABOUR, artists Pavel Braila, Anna Jermolaewa, Daniel Knorr and Ulrike Lienbacher have been invited to produce new art works on the theme of labour. The works are to be integrated into the Museum’s permanent exhibition as art interventions. Videos by Harun Farocki, Adrian Paci and Anne Tallentire complement the spectrum.

 The artists pointedly address a range of topical issues: How is labour changing? When is it a privilege, and when is it a burden? What does it mean when workflows are automated? Is our knowledge-based society and service economy the future of our working life? What does it mean to be flexible and mobile? How do work and unemployment affect the way we perceive ourselves?

In the presentations on the development of steel production, energy extraction, the railways and everyday life, visitors will be confronted with unexpected perspectives. They will have the opportunity to pursue those perspectives in a communication game and discuss the issues raised by the artists and the exhibition with other visitors.

“This collaboration is particularly interesting as it has given us the opportunity to invite artists to produce new works of art”, says Christiane Erharter, curator of ERSTE Foundation. “On the one hand, these works focus on current socio-political issues, such as labour market flexibility and migration. On the other hand, they explore the differences between working processes requiring in-depth knowledge and a high degree of technology and personnel-intensive processes, such as services. The interdependence of the Austrian labour market with those of Central and Eastern Europe also plays a role here.”

For more information, please download the press materials (PDF).