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International youth meeting on children's rights in Sokobanja

12. January 2012

The meeting will foster the childrens understanding of other cultures and countries, dismantle prejudices and barriers and will teach the participants about Childrens Rights.

Around 50 children 12-14 years of age, will have an opportunity to be acquainted with principles of democracy by taking part in various workshops and in the children’s parliament, as well as to discuss topics like discrimination, children’s rights, right to education. Participants of the camp will have the opportunity to take part in creating the meeting, but also to get to know their peers from other countries and have fun together.

This meeting will be supported by the presence of the Head of the CSR-Project Management Department of Caritas Austria, Mag. Barbara Reiter, as well as Mr. Franz Karl Pruller, Director of Social development programs in ERSTE  Foundation and Mr. Ivan Dimic, President of the local community of Aleksinac.  

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About KomenskýFond
The KomenskýFond is an initiative of the ERSTE Foundation and Caritas. It was created to support people which find themselves in difficult social and economic circumstances in seizing educational opportunities and to develop the awareness that education is the most effective way to escape poverty.

About ERSTE Foundation
ERSTE Foundation works to promote the development of an inclusive and participatory society in Europe where people are free and ready to take on responsibilities and to use them for the common good. Its social engagement is based on the belief that human coexistence in modern societies is facing enormous challenges, and that, for Europe to succeed, we must effectively utilise our intellectual, economic, cultural and social capital to foster social integration in Europe.

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Caritas Austria, supports people in need on a national and international level in various ways and also supports education projects, for long-term unemployment for example, respectively for women in emergency situations in Austria but also for disadvantaged youths in the poorest European countries or street children in Ethiopia, Congo and Egypt.