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ERSTE Foundation Fellowship for Social Research: call for applications 2014/2016

1. July 2014

Demographic and socio-economic changes affecting the development of Central, Eastern and South-Eastern Europe are among the most significant challenges for the future of social cohesion and solidarity building in our societies.

ERSTE Foundation invites researchers, scientists and practitioners from Central, Eastern and South-Eastern Europe to research on topics related to economic and social demographic change. The fellowships are awarded based on a proposal for a research paper approaching the topic listed below, in a theoretical, empirical or practical way.

Research topic: Diasporas, nation states and mainstream societies in Central and Eastern Europe

The deadline for applications is 24 August 2014, and project proposals should be submitted in English at:

We would like to initiate a discussion and analyse the relation between diasporas, their country of residence and their former homeland, the engagement of diasporas in economic development, political life, the link to governments and to civil society in general:

  • How are CEE countries dealing with diasporas established on their territories?
  • How do CEE countries relate to co-ethnic diasporas in neighbouring countries as well as to citizens who have immigrated to other countries?
  • How do diasporas/does a particular diaspora relate to governments?
  • What positive or negative roles are diasporas playing in the relations between their country of residence and the country they relate to?
  • To which extent can diasporas be seen as agents of change
  • Can the existing diaspora engagement strategies in CEE serve as “good practices” for others?
  • What is the interaction between diasporas and mainstream society?
  • Which role have diasporas played in the process of nation building in CEE?
  • What is the contribution of international migration and diasporas to economic and social transformation in CEE?
  • How can the private sector (including non-profit organizations) support the contributions diasporas make to their countries of origin?
  • What role does/can the EU play in harnessing the developmental potential of CEE diasporas?
  • What norms, beliefs and practices do CEE diasporas transport or transform?

The Fellowship includes:

  • Financial support for up to one year for researching on the proposed paper;
  • Invitation to scientific conferences;
  • Affiliation with a network of researchers and practitioners interested in socio-economic and demographic change, employment and unemployment, aging, migration and intergenerational transfers;
  • Participation in several internal workshops: kick-off meeting, summer school, closing event and selected public events;
  • Publication and promotion of results.

Financial support

Subsidies for research activities, meetings, data purchase, expert-interviews, translation and travel expenses will be granted as a quarterly stipend in total of € 12,000.

The results will provide a timely, well-founded and practical basis for the planning and decision-making of policy-makers, civil society and business, but also for ERSTE Foundation’s work in the CEE region. The researchers’ specific recommendations will be promoted in the region by ERSTE Foundation and its partners to the relevant organisations and institutions active in the political sphere, civil society and the economic sphere.

For further questions, please contact us at: