The no longer silent counter-revolution

Anton Shekhovtsov talks with Margaret Childs at the Vienna Humanities Festival 2017.

12. October 2017
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The rise of Viktor Orbán and Jarosław Kaczyński, the Brexit referendum, the election of Donald Trump and the strong performances of Norbert Hofer and Marine Le Pen — they cannot be interpreted as anything but an illiberal trend of the recent few years. On 23 September 2017, Anton Shekhovtsov — a Visiting Fellow at the IWM and author of the book Russia and the Western Far Right – discussed the current situation and drew parallels to the cultural and political developments in the 1970–80s that were marked by a “silent counter-revolution” of the Right against the post-materialist “silent revolution” of the Left. Margaret Childs, Editor-in-Chief of Metropole, moderated the conversation.

Watch the full debate:

Photo: French far right leader Marine Le Pen, left, and Austria’s right wing party leader Heinz Christian Strache, right, listen to the Dutch Geert Wilders during the press conference of a convention of European nationalists, in Milan, Italy, 29 January, 2016; Antonio Calanni / AP /