Maidan: up close, and personal

Marci Shore talks with Angelina Kariakina at the Vienna Humanities Festival 2017.

12. October 2017
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While the world watched the uprising on the Maidan as an episode in geopolitics, those in Ukraine lived the revolution of 2013–14 as an existential transformation. Yale University Professor Marci Shore, one of the world’s finest explorers of Eastern Europe, evokes the human face of the Ukrainian Revolution in her forthcoming book “The Ukrainian Night”. On 23 September 2017, in a conversation with Ukrainian journalist Angelina Kariakina, she offered an exclusive preview of her lyrical and intimate account that blended the true stories of activists and soldiers, parents and children with a historian’s reflections on what revolution is and means.

Watch the full debate:

Photo: Ukrainian students sitting covered in a blanket during a protest on Independence Square in Kiev, Ukraine, 27 November 2013 (Euromaidan); (c) Alexey Furman / EPA /