Ideegration: Finding Successful Solutions for Integration together

27. September 2016
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Imagine you have a great project idea. Now, let’s assume this project idea has to do with fostering integration. How to you help that idea grow? How do you find people with expertise from fields like economy, politics, administration or from foundations or relief organisations? Stakeholders willing to help you develop and spread your idea? And what about funding your project?

Ideegration is an initiative that is trying to create an environment that gives answers to these questions: The project offers a common platform for initiatives in the civil-society sectors and to supporters, thus bringing those two groups together. The project was brought to life by Accenture Austria, Ashoka Austria and the Red Cross Austria.

So far, around 50 initiatives from all over Austria were registered on the online-platform And the call is still open! Until 9 October many more exciting initiatives for finding Succesful Solutions for Integration have the chance to register.

The project-fields are defined as follows:
• language and education
• work
• state of law and values
• health and social topics
• sports, free-time activities, intercultural dialogue and exchange
• housing and mobility
• media and information technology
• equality of women with migration-Background
• and other

The finalist projects selected by a jury will then receive free coaching by Accenture, Ashoka and the Red Cross as well as financial support:

The Ideegration Conference will take place on 10 November 2016, at the Ankerbrotfabrik. It is a chance to personally engage with 15 selected projects for integration solutions, get in touch with other stakeholders in the field of Integration, participate in workshops and help find out how to support integration initiatives.
The Ideegration Conference starts at 9.30 am and ends at 6.30 pm. You can participate the entire day or buy a half-day pass.

Ideegration is an initiative of Accenture, Ashoka and the Austrian Red Cross.
Partners of the platform are ERSTE Foundation, Hil-Foundation and UNHCR.