Zuzana Branišová: Artist in Residence @ MQ Vienna, February 2017

30. January 2017
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Zuzana Branišová from Slovakia is the Artist in Residence at the quartier21 / MuseumsQuartier in Vienna for the month of February 2017:

Since the last years I am interested in morphology and life of plants and I compare it with the human mind, thoughts, relationships and gathering of knowledge. The Deleuze-Guattari-theory of rhizoma was the first impulse for me to research about an influence of nature to human being and to work with biological (botanical) terms in a figurative sense. At first I dealt with the rhizome theory of thinking through education in a few art-educational projects and events. To work with that theory means to work on everlasting process in which accretion is unstoppable and begin from numerous starting points and in all directions.  My intention is to continue on my current interests in relationship of humans and plants and to shift my latest project with weeds (Grown / Vypestované, 2016) forward. The result will be a set of various studies, situations, variations on which will base future project(s) (in commune and/or art-educational mode).

Zuzana Branišová was born in 1980. She works on objects, installations, videos and since 2013 she has focused on the relationship between art and education. Beside the particular lessons realized in Trnava University formed as movable installation and situation (e. g. How to Explain the Structure and Dynamics of Spatial Art Medias for Social Pedagogues for 80 minutes, 2014) she has organised a few art as education workshops with various groups (Four Seasons, 2014; Flowers, 2014, etc.). In 2015 she participated in the international symposium Conjunctions of Curating and Art Education (Berlinka SNG, Bratislava) and she organised an experimental process-based exhibition ADD-SHARE-LEARN (Sklenofka Space, Trnava). Currently she is interested in life and behavior of plants and explores how humans in the past gained the wisdom from the nature.

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