We focus on four strategic goals. Our vision is to provide financial health for all, empower those who care, preserve a democratic Europe, and protect contemporary culture. These are the directions in which we want to develop as a society.

Empower those who care

We believe that most people want others to do well.

Financial health for all

We believe that financial literacy is life literacy.

Preserve a democratic Europe

We believe that the European idea is worth fighting for.

Protect contemporary culture

We believe that culture is a central part of our identity.


Kontakt Collection

The Art Collection of Erste Group and ERSTE Foundation


Where Digital Innovation Creates Social Impact

Europe’s Futures

Ideas for Action

Reporting Democracy

Investigating the state of democracy in the heart of Europe

NGO Academy

The largest management capacity-building programme for civil society organisations in Central and Eastern Europe

Igor Zabel Award for Culture and Theory

One of the most prestigious cultural awards in Central and Eastern Europe