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Publisher: Walther König, Cologne
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Year: 2017

The HDZ did not respond to emailed questions and a telephone call.
Croatia’s EU accession in 2013 was also a milestone, Hoffmann said, noting that no systems were put in place to monitor the protection of human rights after accession.
“It is quite true that after a country enters this community, after the conditioning is over, some standards do drop,” he said.
Asked about human rights monitoring in Croatia, European Commission spokesman Christian Wigand said the European Union was working with member states and social media companies to tackle illegal hate speech.
“Hate speech and radical propaganda have no place in our societies — online or offline,” he said.
Efraim Zuroff from the Simon Wiesenthal Center said the onus was on the government to set the tone from the top.
“They finally have to admit the historical truth and tell people: ‘These are the facts, you have to live with them, understand what happened and do whatever is possible to never repeat it again,’” he said.
Tamara Opacic is an executive editor at Novosti weekly