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From Dionysian Socialism to Predatory Capitalism / Od dionizijskog socijalizma do predatorskog kapitalizma

Editor: Zoran Erić, Stevan Vuković
Publisher: Museum of Contemporary Art, Belgrade
Content: 2 DVDs, incl. 1 Booklet
ISBN: 987-86-7101-287-4
Year: 2012

The project was conceived as a series of workshops with young professionals and mentors focusing on the analysis and new reading of the social history and art production in Serbia and Yugoslavia after 1949. The project’s primary objective was to help the workshops’ participants develop an actively critical relationship vis-a-vis the way the history is written through continual discussions and subsequent practical work, so as to put this attitude to practice in the creative process within their respective media, drawing upon the archival film and audio materials made available for that purpose.

In terms of its structure, the project is composed of three parts: a film workshop, lead by Želimir Žilnik an audio workshop, lead by Miodrag Miša Savić, and a workshop where the ambiental setting to accommodate the produced audio works was designed and executed, which was lead by Milorad Mladenović. The local authors active in visual arts scene, expert also in other fields were invited to act as mentors in this project. Their experience in transmitting contents and working procedures from one field into another, coupled with the specific pedagogical work, were the methodological challenge in this project.

This publication is available at ERSTE Foundation Library.