“When a truth is not given complete freedom, freedom is not complete.”

Vaclav Havel, author and former president of Czechia

The country with the largest number of Wi-Fi subscribers in the European Union.

Czechia ranks second richest Eastern European country, after Slovenia.

In 2006, Reporters Without Borders ranked Czechia as the 5th best country in the world (out of 168 countries listed) for freedom of press.


Czechia is the birthplace of many well-known people – such as Jáchym Topol, a member of Prague’s former underground literary and music movement and one of the country’s most significant contemporary authors.
Milena Jesenská, a journalist and astute political commentator, who is also known for her famous correspondence with Franz Kafka, was born here, too.

Milena Jesenská, Czech journalist, writer, editor and translator, who also gave the name to IWM's Fellowship, which ERSTE Foundation supports every year.


Czechia is a fairly densely populated country with approximately 133 persons per km2. Since everybody needs a roof over their head, why not make it a special one: According to the Guinness Book of World Records, Czechia has the most castles per square mile of any country in the world.

The capital city of Prague has the highest population of the country (1.3 Mio). Surprisingly, it is followed directly by Vienna and Chicago, in terms of cities with the largest number of Czech people.


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