Out of 47 countries, which have their territory or parts of it on the European continent, 27 are members of the European Union today.

About the Map
Many people in ERSTE Foundation do not like maps. Because a lot of conflicts in the region, which we are active in, centre on borders. Even the proper naming of states sometimes leads to quarrels on a European level.

So why do we need a map? Because many visitors of our website are interested in the activities that are going to happen in their neighbourhood. Access to project information should be easy for you. Therefore, we have introduced a search by country. And a map. Sort of.

Our internal discussion on “Having a map on our website?” was not an easy one. We thought that you should know.

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We are active in Austria and in Central, Eastern and South Eastern Europe. This is the region, in which Erste Group offers its financial services. ERSTE Foundation, the main shareholder of Erste Group, invests its dividends into those societies where this money was earned.

Yet, our focus on this part of the world also has other reasons. We believe in the concept of a common Europe. After 1989, a divided continent grew together again. ERSTE Foundation focuses its work on the cultural region of Austria and Central and South Eastern Europe. We think that it is important to bring people together and disseminate knowledge of the recent history of a region, where the Schengen area and the European Union have established new dividing lines, but have also given rise to new hopes and expectations.

Most of our projects are developed and implemented across borders. We foster international cooperation and exchange. Overcoming nationalism and building bridges instead of marking frontiers are at the core, not only of the Programme Europe, but at all our programmes and projects.