Vicinities Europe

Vicinities/Okruženje is a TV talk show aired on eleven TV-stations across the Western Balkans – in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Croatia, Macedonia, Serbia, Slovenia, Kosovo, and Albania. Vicinities/Okruženje brings to one studio people from the several Western Balkan countries, where they discuss issues of shared interest, unassisted by interpreters. The topics of the first seasons of the show have dealt with various social and political issues of the society in the Western Balkans, which has been trying to prepare for the true acceptance of the European values.

The show has become an important component for both the reconciliation process and for furthering media freedoms in the region. In its fourth season, Vicinities/Okruženje is a trusted and respected presence on the airwaves in the whole region. The show is known for its unbiased approach to topics that affect life in the Western Balkans. Although the discussions on the show are neither easy nor simple, they are authentic, meaningful and in depth.

Vicinities Europe at the Western Balkans Civil Society Forum Vienna 2015 will be broadcasted across the Balkans and act as a promoter of the Western Balkans Youth Organisation, a project spearheaded by the Prime Ministers of Serbia and Albania and supported by the Berlin Process. This initiative, building on the experiences of the French German Youth Organisation, could play a crucial role in the reconciliation process, cement regional stability and become a cornerstone of mutual understanding and assistance in the EU accession process of the region.

The show brings together the two Prime Ministers, other crucial regional players and place them face-to-face with the young people who are not only living with challenging prospects of today, but trying to find their own solutions for a better tomorrow via regional cooperation and solidarity.

Recording of  Vicinities Europe TV Show
Diplomatic Academy of Vienna, 27 August 2015, 17:00
Topic: „Future of the Balkan Youth“
Discussion participants: Edi Rama, Prime Minister of Albania, Aleksandar Vučić, Prime Minister of Serbia, and Goran Svilanović, Secretary General of the Regional Cooperation Council, with young people from the Western Balkans

Vicinities/Okruženje is a joint project of the Center for Democracy and Reconciliation in Southeast Europe and the European Fund for the Balkans, supported by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Germany and by the Regional Cooperation Council. Vicinities Europe is supported by ERSTE Foundation.