Zsófia Szemző is Artist-in-Residence in August @ MQ Vienna

This month’s Artist-in-Residence at the Q21 / MuseumsQuartier Vienna is  Zsófia Szemző from Hungary.

Zsófia Szemző is living and working in Budapest. Before she lived in Paris from 2008 to 2012. She is investigating ways of storytelling and is researching different ways of narration in human interaction. She develops her projects mostly with drawings. In her PhD she is researching ways of engaging the public in participatory practice. “Szemző’s cargo is social science, fiction, criticism, and in a particular mix, which transforms science into magic.” Judit Csatlós.

In 2017 Zsófia made drawings for the Cooperative City. 2016 she participated in The Measure of our Traveling Feet in Marres, House for Contemporary Culture, Maastricht, Rain come down! In Sarah Zanin gallery in Rome, and 585,000 m2, she was part of a group exhibition as well as in the WhiteBox gallery, New York. In 2015 she took part in Eos’s children on the Beaufort scale Performance as part of Modus Operandi, Off Biennale, Budapest.

 “I would like to work on a series of drawings, that will depict the river Danube, and it’s water regulation and possibilities what if it would have run elsewhere? I am aware that the distance between Vienna and Budapest is relatively small, but this distance is changing constantly in all other senses, througout history and even so now. I would like to travel to Vienna by boat. I would like to measure this distance in my mind and test these changes in real life. If possible I would like to find a family that would adopt me for a week, to learn from them. I would like to discover stories of escape on the river. Stories of the river under ice. Stories of in what case people decided to move to Vienna from elsewhere and for what reason?”