Zero Point of Meaning

Zero Point of Meaning

Non-functional, Non-representational, Elementary, Experimental and Conceptual Photography in Croatia

Opening: 8. 3. 2013, 21:00
Duration: 9. 3. – 26. 5. 2013
Location: Camera Austria, Lendkai 1, 8020 Graz, Austria

The exhibition “Zero Point of Meaning” seeks to explore photography as an experimental and research medium. Artists who have reached for a camera at a particular point in their artistic career (or instructed others to shoot something particular, or simply took over – appropriated – other people’s photographs) were not interested in the technical capacities of the medium or even the quality of their shots; instead, they considered photography as a sort of coordinate that functioned like an echo of some event or absent artwork, like a channel communicating the conceptualization or realization of a particular artistic idea. All this testifies to important changes in the way photography was understood and interpreted as art, all of which was influenced by the political and social circumstances from the 60s onwards.

Boris Cvjetanović, Petar Dabac, Sandro Đukić, Igor Eškinja, Ivan Faktor, Tomislav Gotovac, Boris Greiner, Miljenko Horvat, Vlatka Horvat, Željko Jerman, David Maljković, Antun Maračić, Enes Midžić, Marijan Molnar, Ivan Posavec, Davor Sanvincenti, Edita Schubert, Mladen Stilinović, Slaven Tolj, Goran Trbuljak, Josip Vaništa, Mirjana Vodopija, and Fedor Vučemilović.

Curated by:
Sandra Križić Roban and Ivana Hanaček
Assistant: Jelena Pašić
Exhibition design: Ana Dana Beroš

The exhibition is the result of a cooperation between:
Institute of Art History, Zagreb
Croatian Photographic Union, Zagreb
Camera Austria

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The exhibition will be supported by:
Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Croatia
Croatian Association of Technical Culture
City Office for Education, Culture and Sports, City of Zagreb
ERSTE Stiftung, Wien


Photo: © Igor Eškinja, Imagineering, 2006.