women.index – by Andreja Kulunčić


women.index is a project that addresses issues of gender equality, domestic violence, and the role of women in the Serbian society. As part of this project, city-light posters invite passing-by women to participate in a poll by calling the toll-free phone number on the poster and answering the question: “How do I feel?” – “satisfied, discriminated, or abused”. Live updates of the statistics are provided on the digital display in the city center of Belgrade, and on different web sites. The public campaign is accompanied by an exhibition in the Salon of the Museum of Contemporary Art in Belgrade, which opened on 26 April and will run until 2 June 2013.

women.index is a project by Andreja Kulunčić, one of the most prominent Croatian artists active on the international scene, who developed her own specific research work methodology in the domain of visual arts by focusing on the neuralgic points of different societies and their pressing issues. Her works involve the processes of collaboration and creative interdisciplinary networking of professionals from different fields of expertise (sociologists, philosophers, scientists, designers, and marketing developers). The works often demand active participation from audience which is invited to “finish the work”.

The artist uses popular patterns of any media campaign, such as posters in the urban setting (city-lights), anonymous telephone interviews etc., so as to address a specific target group, and see women’s reactions to the inquiry. She uses this method with the intention to analyse the motivation of women to define and raise awareness about their individual role in the familiar and broader, social context. The need to tackle the issues of gender equality, domestic violence, and the role of women in the society is also of great importance in the Serbian context, where many stereotypes regarding these issues are still prevalent in the public sphere. Women’s hesitation to speak out publicly about their position at work, home, or in the public, is identified, among others, as one of the potential problems.

Salon of the Museum of Contemporary Art
14 Pariska St., Belgrade
working hours: from 12:00 to 20:00, except Tuesdays

Andreja Kulunčić: women.index
Curator: Dr Zoran Erić
Exhibition will run until June 2, 2013.