Winners of Social Impact Award announced!



Under the slogan Push the button, change the world!, the Social Impact Award is an idea competition for students who are willing to try to solve current social problems in an innovative way, using entrepreneurial skills. The projects can address different issues, like poverty reduction, health, education, environment, energy, technologies human rights, equal opportunities and others. These are the winning projects of this year’s Social Impact Award, that were announced on 1 June 2012 at an Award Ceremony at Hub Vienna:

Enterprising School (CZ)
The aim of Entreprising Schools is to help Czech (especially public) schools to generate their own profit and invest in their needs, to enable schools to develop social entrepreneurial thinking of their stud ents and teachers via real projects for the benefit of their own schools and communities and to interconnect innovative schools, teachers and students to learn, share and inspire.

iDepart (A)
The free webplatform iDEPART provides infrastructure for people to present initiatives with a political context and to organize democratic activities in an easy and efficient way. Furthermore, by providing a central information hub for such initiatives, the visibility of initiatives from NGOs and commited people will increase considerably and, thus, attract, more supporters.

Out of Box (A)
Out of Box is thought to be an effective, economically efficient and humane project which encounter juvenile delinquency. In close cooperation with judges and prosecutors, the project offers young offenders a more appropriate structure, which is supposed to prepare and integrate them into the labor market, and support them in their personal development. This should help them to get out of their spiral of delinquency.

Upside Down Project (RO)
This project was conceived to raise awareness on environmental issues in communities and offering job opportunities to people from disadvantage backgrounds. In order to reduce waste, waste materials are converted into new useful products of high quality. This project enables consumers a setting to make responsible choices regarding their shopping habits and their effects on the environment.


The Social Impact Award is organized by the Institute for Entrepreneurship and Innovation of the Vienna University of Economics and Business, in cooperation with Hub Prague and Ropot, and is supported by ERSTE Foundation. To find out more about the Award and the projects, visit