Where is my home?

A music and theatre project dealing with migration and xenophobia
October 2011 – December 2012
Czech Republic, Slovak Republic

The Archa Theatre in Prague has launched a project that deals with the topics of xenophobia and migration through a combination of music and theatre. In collaboration with refugees, host communities, students, actors and musicians, a series of new theater pieces, musical works, performances and workshops will be created. The events will be shown from October 2011 to December 2012 on various locations in the Czech and Slovak Republics, e.g. at the AKCENT International Festival of Theatre with Social Outreach on 17-20 November.

The participating artists come from different countries and live in the Czech Republic. The core group of them forms the well-known All Star Refjúdži Band. One of their new performances is Where is my Home?, which tells the true story of a refugee in the 21st century in pictures and songs.

We will publish more information on the individual events when they are upcoming, so stay tuned!

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