Where Has Communism Gone?

tranzit_hu_Where Has Communism Gone

tranzit.hu invited the artist group Chto Delat? from St. Petersburg to Budapest to realise a stage event, employing the Learning Play method of Bertolt Brecht, based on the participants’ own experiences.

The Budapest adaptation of the play by artist group Chto Delat?
Concept by Dmitry Vilensky, Olga Egorova (Tsaplya)
Directed by Olga Egorova (Tsaplya)
Choreographed by Nina Gasteva

Performed by the participants of the Free School
Curated by Dóra Hegyi
Venue: Juranyi Art Incubator House, 1027 Budapest, Juranyi utca 1-3.
Performance: 1 March 2013, 8 pm

Where has Communism gone? This question refers, firstly, to Russian revolutionary writer Andrey Platonov. It was the hero of this novel “Chevengur”, who, suddenly getting awakened in the middle of the night after his dream is asking where socialism is and searching for it as if it were an object, a thing which supposedly belonged to him. By posing the question about communism, we aim to explore the nature of this political desire, which, in spite of the fall of what they call “real socialism” or “communist regimes”, is still persistent, at least on the field of contemporary theory and arts.

The learning play to be staged is formed by the discussions of the current theoretical and practical possibilities of communism and thorough the experiences of being together.

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