WHATEVER #3 POST-HOC DRAMATURGY lab reader launched

post-hoc dramaturgy
With the support of ERSTE Foundation, BADco., a collaborative performance collective based in Zagreb, started to launch a series of contributions as a part of WHATEVER #3 POST-HOC DRAMATURGY: Reflections on poetics of presentation and circulation in performing arts in a form of a lab reader.WHATEVER #3, POST-HOC DRAMATURGY is a reader resulting from 10 Days 1 Unity, a ten-day laboratory that brought together primarily two groups of artists: artists around the collective 6m1l and members of the performing collective BADco. who were joined by a smaller number of Zagreb-based performers, choreographers, dramaturges and theatre directors. Both collectives have a shared interest and own histories in devising new methodologies aimed at overcoming the constraints of contemporary production system that forces artists to submit to hyper production, flexibility, mobility and fragmentation of creative experience, always under pressure to move to the “next new”, never having time to process and recollect.Further information and the texts are available at http://badco.hr.