We did it! The Tour d'Award is over

1521 kilometers, 15 days filled with sweat and tears, but also with great experiences of perseverence, accomplishment and belonging – this is the balance of the ERSTE Foundation Award for Social Integration Tour d’Award 2010.

On 8 October, four members of the ERSTE Foundation’s Social Development team—Dino, Ivan, Dejan and Davor—set out on a journey through six Southeastern European countries to promote the 2011 ERSTE Foundation Award for Social Integration. After 1521 km on the road and talking to many people at info sessions in 11 cities, they reached their final destination back in Vienna on 22 October at 6:15 pm.

So far, so good, nothing new, you think? Well, not exactly. This year’s tour of info sessions for the Award was special in so far as part of the team did not travel by car, but by bike. Dino and Ivan, who had never made more than 100 km on a bike before, wanted to illustrate what the ERSTE Foundation stands for: 

Commit yourself wholehartedly to your goals, go for them with determination and passion and you will accomplish them!

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