VinziRast-Mittendrin: Housing project for homeless and students in Vienna opens on 23 May

VinziRast Mittendrin (c) ERSTE Foundation

Students from the universities of Vienna created a project in collaboration with the Society of Saint Vincent de Paul, called “VinziRast –Mittendrin” (right in the middle): Young people are living and working together with homeless people to learn with and from each other. The initiative carries this credo of the Society of Saint Vincent de Paul: “Living in a community can help people in need and heal psychological strain!” Volunteers and staff of the VinziRast-facilities accompany the project and get involved in the community.

The place where this very special type of get-together is possible is a house of the 18th century, close to the centre of Vienna. The inhabitants share accommodation in 10 residential communities with a total of 29 rooms, can work in one of three workshops, and find employment in the restaurant on the ground floor, which offers good and simple food. Every guest will be welcome. Additionally offered is counselling by volunteering experts, for example in the field of medicine, psychotherapy, social work and space for various events such as readings, film screenings, lectures and much more. For more information in German please visit:

The Opening of VinziRast-Mittendrin on May 23 won’t be public, but the project can be visited any other day as the restaurant on the ground floor is open to everyone.

Location: Lackierergasse 10 / Währingerstraße 19, 1090 Vienna