Video Turn

Video Turn - opening performance by Neven Korda

The research and exhibition project ‘Video Turn’ investigates and presents experimental art practices (video, multi-disciplinary, new media). What is the experimental and structural practice within a certain medium or within particular means of expression? What are the methods, techniques, processes and characteristics of artistic language at the turn from the analogue to the digital, from the magnetic tape to a computer disk, from the single channel to the multi-media and new-media projects?

The exhibition at the Vžigalica Gallery in Ljubljana was realised by Neven Korda and Miha Vipotnik. The initial situation at the gallery was  gradually composed and decomposed as a space for construction, performance and interaction. Neven Korda constructed an installation, Dominant Black, a space of “Pure Video” with signals control and screening procedures on the basis of “Do-It-Yourself” principles. The leitmotiv of Miha Vipotnik’s installation is a classical Slovenian painting Home (1889) by Jožef Petkovšek, which intrigues him as an unfinished image that directly addresses the issue of experimentation and modification. The sequence was developed in cooperation with students of Academy of Fine Arts and Design Ljubljana, their mentor, and analyst of Petkovšek’s work Sergej Kapus, and a group of selected actors.

The exhibition is accompanied by performances by Neven Korda, lectures and video screenings by Medienturm from Graz and MSUV from Novi Sad, a workshop with students of Academy of Fine Arts from Ljubljana and a workshop for analysis and writing of a text in the framework of World of Art, School for Curators of Contemporary Art run by SCCA-Ljubljana.


Vžigalica Gallery, Trg franc. revolucije 7, Ljubljana