verboten anders / forbiddingly different

Verboten anders

Der junge Salon is an institution, which exposes youth from 14 to 20 years old to art and culture offering continuous and sustainable projects for young people. For the season 2011/2012, work on the piece “verboten anders” (forbiddingly different) in cooperation with the author Renate Welsh-Rabady has been planned.

The project aims to create a room for cultural exchange and dialogue, above all for youth from the 15th district with family roots from different countries: Albania, Serbia, Turkey, Chechenia. It provides a platform, where they have possibility to cooperate on an overriding theme which affects them all.

In 13 tragic-comical episodes 16 performers show apparently coincidental meeting of people and their life histories. These young people deal humorously and deeply with one of the most important themes of life such as coincidence and pose the question: Do I have control over my own life? Is someone steering my actions? Or is it all only a coincidence?

Theatre play
Premiere: 9. Juni 2012, 8pm
Performances: 10., 11. and 12 June, 8pm
Salon5 im Brick-5
Fünfhausgasse 5, 1150 Vienna

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