Unfinished Modernisations

Unfinished Modernisations

Between Utopia and Pragmatism

12 -14 April 2012
Museum of Architecture and Design, Ljubljana

The conference Unfinished Modernisations is the last one in a series of conferences that are a part of the two-year (2010-2012) international research project “Unfinished Modernisations: Between Utopia and Pragmatism – Architecture and Urbanism in the Former Yugoslavia and the Successor Countries.” The project investigates the production of the built environment within the social, economic and cultural context of socialist Yugoslavia and the reflections of these processes in today’s independent countries after the breakdown of the former state.

The purpose of Unfinished Modernisations – as is reflected in the title – is no idealisation of the period, nor of the system in which the architectural and urban production under discussion developed. Because of its undeniable shortcomings modernisations are not finished, they are incomplete. But at the same time this incompleteness, with which we are faced daily, presents a situation that we need – now and further in the future – to address. At the closing conference of the Unfinished Modernisations project these and other questions will be raised, with international architectural critics, theorists and researchers who will respond with their won particular points of reference.

“Unfinished Modernisations – Between Utopia and Pragmatism” is a long-term collaborative platform of six organisations from four countries: TrajekT and Umetnostna galerija Maribor (Slovenia), the Croatian Architects’ Society and the Institute for Contemporary Architecture (Croatia), the Belgrade Architects Society (Serbia), and the Coalition for Sustainable Development (Macedonia).

More information you will find at: www.unfinishedmodernisations.net.