“Tu was, dann tut sich was”: winners of the first jury meeting announced

Tu-Was Styra

This year’s first jury meeting of the project “Tu was, dann tut sich was” ( Throw the ball to get things rolling) took place in Leoben, Styria. A renowned jury selected the 22 winning projects, among which also the following three outstanding initiatives:

Cafe International – international students at Montan University in Leoben will get a chance to present their cultures through music to the community. The presentation will take place on two afternoons a month at the “Cafe international”. Non-students are particularly invited to attend, as normally they wouldn’t have a chance to meet foreign students.

Zukunftsgespräche an der Eisenstraße (Talks about future at the Eisenstraße) – Initiated by Jürgen Bletmatl and his team, the project wants to enable discussion on future challenges the region “Eisenstraße” will face.

Jung für Alt (Young for old) – the aim of this project is to make the Eisenerzer Trofeng Park accessible for elderly people, especially those from the close-by retirement home. The adolescents of the association “Frixx” will work together to pave the trails and provide seating accommodations through-out the park. To learn more about other winning projects visit: www.tu-was.at

The overall goal of the “Tu was…” initiative is to awake potential altruism in the region, strengthen it and make it visible to the community. Solidarity, which commonly is expressed through voluntarism in Austria, may cause deliberate self-reflection and counter growing individualism in our society. There are questions the “Tu was dann tut sich was”-projects want to find answers for: Where and how does altruism appear in our society, where can a lack of involvement be identified? What are the needs of human beings? Where do poverty, exclusion and hostility emerge and how can someone counter those developments? Where does altruism and solidarity become obvious and how can we advocate this culture? Tu was dann tut sich was is an initiative that has it’s genesis in the community. For it’s implementation the projects needs ideas directly from the society.

Two more jury meetings will take place in March and May 2012.
More information about the “Tu was…” initiative you will find at www.tu-was.at