Travelling Vinča Festival

Learning from our Neolithic ancestors
Timişoara, Romania: 1 October 2011, 7 pm
Paks, Hungary: 7 October 2011, 6 pm
Belgrade, Serbia: 24 October 2011

The festival Travelling Vinča aims to promote the cultural heritage of the Vinča, one of Europe’s oldest civilisations, and to raise public awareness about the importance of its activation, preservation, popularisation and promotion. The festival will comprise 3 different shows in 3 cities in 3 countries — Romania, Hungary and Serbia.

Opening words: Marija Grujić, project manager

Lecture by Nenad Tasić, professor of archaeology, head of explorations in Vinča and dedicated promoter of the Vinča culture

Dancing & Concert inspired by the Neolithic era
The repertoire, instruments, costumes and overall performance are inspired by the Vinča culture. The artistic director of the festival and leader of the travelling troop KUD “Vinčanci” Antonije Pušić, alias Rambo Amadeus, rock and roll icon of the former Yugoslavia, is a dedicated promoter of the Vinča culture and draw much of his inspiration from the Neolithic era.

Exhibition of Vinča exhibits
Replicas, reconstructions and multimedia will be prepared by Nenad Tasić and his team according to the specifities of each of the 3 locations in Timişoara, Paks and Belgrade.

The invitation to the festival goes out to all those who are interested. The festival is intended to become a tradition and to extend its range in the coming years.

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