Exhibition of tranzit.sk: 1966 – 1972

Preliminary photo for the Street Operation performance, 2012 (c) Gavula-Tittel

The exhibition presents artwork of Milan Tittel, Matej Gavula, Daniel Grúň and Miroslav Csölle. Matej Gavula (*1972) and Milan Tittel (*1966) are working together in Bratislava since 1997. Both  focus in their work on the daily routine: They are staging and documenting fictitious situations by using art as a medium to draw the viewer’s attention to the world of objects, phenomena and situations from everyday life. They often cooperate with other artists – mostly with Miroslav Csölle, Roman Ondák and Cyril Blažo. Daniel Grúň as an art theorist systematically explores how Tittel and Gavula are using the term of sculpture in a variety of contemporary forms of visual art. The exhibition shows as well six video screenings and some artefacts.

Date: Thursday, 6 June, 6 pm
Location: Tranzit dielne / workshops, Studená 12, Bratislava

shuttle bus from SNM: 5.30 pm. back: 8.30 pm

exhibition until 30 June 2013
open: thursday – friday 3-5 pm, saturday 2-6 pm
or by appointement: +421 908 201 507

For further information please visit tranzit.org