Cluj: Culture and Politics of Crisis Cluj

The official opening of Cluj space takes place on 5 November with a public debate on the topic ‘Culture and Politics of Crisis’, organised by and Tact publishing house.

Date: 5 November 2012, 6pm
Location: Cluj space – Sámuel Brassai st., no. 5, Cluj-Napoca

The present global crisis has turned things around: in the attempt to save the very impersonal and natural economic system, culture, with all its essentialist plethora of differences, is summoned back to life and granted a crucial role. The social explanation passes lately from numbers to metaphors, from ratings to poetry. Lack of discipline, indolence and immorality are nowadays just as many reasons for the structural crisis of capitalism.

Participants: Boris Buden (Professor, Faculty of Arts and Design, Bauhaus University, Weimar), G. M. Tamás (Researcher, Philosophy Institute, Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Budapest)

The discussion will be moderated by: Alex Cistelecan and Veronica Lazăr.

The debate will be preceded by the launch of the Romanian translation of Boris Buden’s volume Zone of Transition: On the End of Post-Communism (Tact Publishing House, 2012).

Participants: Costi Rogozanu (Writer and journalist, CriticAtac & Voxpublica, Bucharest), Gabriel Troc (Professor, Faculty of Sociology, „Babeş-Bolyai” University, Cluj-Napoca).

The ‘Culture and Politics of Crisis’ debate is part of the project Fiction, Rhetoric and Facts developed by