Bucharest – Exhibition Teodor Graur: Nostalgia

Teodor Graur is a Bucharest-based artist, with a practice spanning more than three decades and an uninterrupted presence on the local scene during all this time. From the evocative observations in the photographs of the 80s, to the humorous objects and performances of the 90s and to the exuberant installations of today, his body of work gives account of a tireless curiosity and is a sometimes reflective sometimes ironic witness to the transformations of the context in which he lives. References to the cultural avant-garde of the 20th century are mixed with a celebration of found materials (organic, artisanal, serial, etc.), the artist crafting them together in repurposed objects that can tell both personal and collective histories, that are both recognizable and unexpected.

The exhibition in the space of tranzit. ro/ Bucureşti presents a selection of images and motifs that are defining for the artist’s approach or recurrent in his work, constructed around a sense of longing for a past which is changeable, resourceful, useful today, which we don’t analyse but we feel.

18 June – 18 September 2014
Opening: Wednesday, 18 June 2014, 7 pm

Curator: Raluca Voinea

tranzit. ro/ Bucureşti,
Gazelei Street, no. 44, sector 4

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Photo Credits:
Teodor Graur: Tien-An-Men Square, Beijing, 1987.
Courtesy of the artist