tranzit. ro/ Bucharest: April initiatives

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April brings a busy calendar at! Here are only few of the upcoming initiatives:

08 – 30.04.2014: “Tranzit Café” – a project by Daniela Pălimariu, design by Atelier Brut
Opening: 8 April 2014, 6 pm
Visiting hours: from Wednesday to Saturday, from 3 to 7 p.m.

Mint is an attention-seeking, invasive plant.
Tomatoes and potatoes have the will and the abilities to sabotage each other.
Petunia is a trap.

Tranzit CAFÉ welcomes you in for three weeks of events created for the rediscovery of permaculture in a personal and social way. Species will be mingled, crossings between territories will be sought after, potentially harmful contacts will be identified. In close relation to the community garden outside (Tranzit Garden), the CAFÉ is designed to be a meeting spot, a working desk, a place for understated scenarios and a basic, yet open-to-all kitchen. Visitors should not avoid bringing in their skills, ideas or surplus of produce to share.
For more info, have a look here!

12 – 20.04.2014:

Place: different apartments in Bucharest

In April tranzit. ro/ Bucureşti is partner of HomeFest, a performance festival for the domestic space, initiated by lorgean theatre. HomeFest is the first cultural festival that takes place in houses and apartments, transforming living rooms and bedrooms in a stage, offering a good opportunity to meet neighbors elsewhere than in front of the block or at the market. For eight days, the inhabitants of Bucharest districts will enjoy over 20 performances, plays, concerts and exhibitions in various apartments provided by residents who want to temporarily turn their living space into one open to art.

The festival will present projects of artists with backgrounds in both performing and visual arts, of different generations and practices. Among them there are: Victor Rebengiuc, Cosmin Manolescu, Ruxandra Coman, Robert Balan, Daniela Pălimariu, Kiki Mihuţa, Raluca Croitoru, Vlad Iepure and others.

23 – 27.04.2014:
Congress of Pessimism continues
An event by The Bureau of Melodramatic Research

Part of the Congress of Pessimism, which started in March 2014 and continues throughout April, the Bureau of Melodramatic Research introduces two international theorists:

Nicola Masciandaro (Brooklyn College, CUNY)
A Matter of Sorrow: The Trouble with Not Being Born & Following the Sigh
23 & 24 April 2014, 7 pm
Two lectures concerning a universal theory of sorrow. Radicalizing Heidegger’s insight that “the being of Da-sein is care [Sorge, sorrow],” I will affirm that sorrow belongs to the simple fact of being. Far from being limited to the evolutionary environment of our terrestrial sphere or the humoral confines of the human, sorrow is more properly a weird kind of cosmic substance composed of all being’s refusal of itself, the intrinsic negation of its own event.

Ben Woodard (University of Western Ontario)
This Wandering Insignificance: The Desert of Reason & The Sea of Nature
26 & 27 April 2014, 5 pm
The image of the wandering thinker has become a crudely romantic portrayal of the philosopher whether Aristotle’s peripatetic method or Heidegger thinking on a forest path. In either case the figure of the philosopher is a trivial explorer of the many facets of life in order to speak broadly and widely in an attempt to conjure some ghost of meaning. In these two lectures I will attempt to articulate the wandering mode of philosophy in line with the Stoic, ancient Chinese, pragmatic and idealist traditions.

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