presents Catalyst Award 2014


This year the Catalyst Award is fully transformed! It is now your turn to decide how should use the budget of the Award!

23 February 2015, 6 pm
Trafó House of Contemporary Arts
Budapest 1094, Liliom utca 41 established the Catalyst Award in 2010 to draw attention to those members of the contemporary art and cultural scene in Hungary, who, as catalysts, facilitate with their activities the development of critical thinking and practice. This year, a reflection upon the current situation and possibilities of the art field in Hungary was needed; hence, launched a call for project proposals that encourage the self-governance of the contemporary art scene in Hungary. Already at last year’s Catalyst Award the community took an active part in selecting the awarding criteria, while this year, as a step further, departs completely from the tradition of awarding already initiated or completed projects, based on the decision of a jury. Now, with this alternative award, they attempt rather to initiate a multi-step, collective artistic/thinking process and to enable a participatory project arising from it.

The theme and the decision process this year builds also on the experiences of the action day series (2013–2014), which was a forum for supporting the professional advocacy and strategic thinking of the contemporary art scene in Hungary. Moreover, continuing on with last year’s participatory decision-making process, now a (temporary) community determines through forums and workshops which projects should be realized from the offered amount of HUF 2,000,000.

The award ceremony of the Catalyst Award on 23  February 2015, provides an opportunity for the audience to get familiar with the current situation, dilemmas, and challenges of contemporary art in Hungary. Concurrently, those present will also contribute to the realization of a project that supports the self-governance of the contemporary art scene.

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