Artists at Schools

Image: The Travelling Drawing School, project by Péter Szabó, Gallery by Night 2010, Stúdió Gallery announces the launch of the project ‘Artists at Schools‘, developed in cooperation with Tensta Konsthall in Stockholm and The Latvian Centre for Contemporary Art in Riga.

The goal of the ‘Artists at schools’ project is to relate art and critical pedagogy, as well as to rethink and apply the notion of democracy, its working principles with artistic pedagogical practice. This experimental project provides an opportunity for pupils – by meeting and working together with artists – to get to know ways of thinking that question stereotypes and statements built on routine or conforming to norms and forces. While in the traditional art approach the artist always appears as someone who is blessed with manual skills and creates the ‘beautiful’, in the ‘Artists at schools’ projects students will meet artists who engage with critical thinking and social responsibility. In these projects art does not appear as an isolated field, but rather a medium that helps to sharpen critical reflection orientated towards social responsibility and freedom.

The ‘Artists at Schools’ project is part of the international collaboration “Art mediation in the age of media saturation: how can the potential of art be teased out rather than disciplined?”

Project start: 1 April 2012
Curators: Judit Angel, Lilla Khoór
Project leader: Vera Simon
Artists: Lilla Khoór, Zsolt Keserue, Péter Szabó

The project is supported by the European Cultural Foundation.
ERSTE Foundation is the main partner of tranzit.