Announces 2012 Catalyst Award Winners

photo by Kerekes Zoltán

On 25 January the Award Ceremony of’s Catalyst Award took place in Budapest, at the Juranyi Art Incubator House. Lumen Grocery & Community Supplier were the winners in the Motor category, while the Student Network was awarded in the Novelty category.

Lumen Grocery & Community Supplier is a branch of the Lumen Photography Foundation established in 2002. Reopened on Klauzal square 14, the grocery turns into a cultural space after 7 pm.

The Student Network is an admirable large-scale collaboration organized on an entirely new basis. The Network aims to mobilize students for action in order to promote common interests.

The 2012 Catalyst Award endeavored, with the notion of self-organization, to react to and generate a debate on the current cultural politics that renders contemporary Hungarian culture impossible., the contemporary art organization that founded the award in 2010, aimed to reward art, cultural, and political projects, as well as academic research initiatives, that represent a formal or contentual contribution to the topic of self-organization.

For photos of the event, please have a look at’s Facebook page.