Tour D’Award documentary online!

Tour D’Award is a promotional bike tour organised as part of the ERSTE Foundation Award for Social Integration 2011 initiative. Putting into practice Foundation’s ”What would you change?” slogan, two amateur bikers, Dino Pašalić and Ivan Benussi, set out on 8 October 2010 for a 15-day and over-1500 km roundtrip from Vienna, cycling over six countries and promoting the Award at eleven gatherings with local activists, NGOs and media.

Davor Konjikušić accompanied the bikers with his camera: “My initial idea was to try to capture images of social realities in countries of South East Europe the bike tour went through. It was a great opportunity to just turn on the camera and record situations and fascinating social projects which exist across the region. The end result is a 30-min documentary that draws comparison between the iron will bikers needed to reach their goal, and the commitment of people who are the key social change actors in post-conflict and post-transition countries we passed through.“

The ERSTE Foundation Award for Social Integration 2011 promotes with the “What would you change?” slogan the idea that every single person can make a change for the better; all that is needed is strong will and dedication. Equally small and big organisations have proven this in the previous editions of the Award. People and organisations don’t have to wait for changes to just happen, or to join impressive forces in order to start an action, but we can all achieve our goals if we are really committed and take action.

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