“To remove sentimentality from handicrafts”

2015 09 MBQ at Vienna Design Week

Roma have been associated with coppersmithing, woodcarving and broom making for centuries and many of them still practice these crafts. Meşteshukar ButiQ, which means “handicraft boutique” in Romanian, was set up in 2012 to help Roma build on their traditional skills while giving them higher returns and greater opportunities. With the support of the ERSTE Foundation Roma Partnership, Austrian designers Nadja Zerunian & Peter Weisz have been working with Roma craftsmen over the past year to develop a new collection based on traditional Roma objects, forms and materials.

“Our challenge is to remove sentimentality from handicrafts and propel Roma products into the contemporary universe. We wanted to prove that items made with ancient skills have a valid place in today’s design world.”
Nadja Zerunian & Peter Weisz // www.zerunianandweisz.com

The re-interpreted, traditional products can be bought during the VIENNA DESIGN WEEK. Have a look at the full leaflet here.

Pop-up store Meşteshukar ButiQ
25 September – 4 October 2015

Opening hours:
Daily 10 am – 7 pm (on 26 September 10 am – 9 pm)

Cocktail: Sat., 26 September 5 pm

Objekt 42, Festival Headquarters
Brotfabrik Wien
Absberggasse 27, 1100 Vienna