Tips for summer holidays: go tranzit!

tranzit compilation

Summer is here and you’re still looking for holidays ideas? Have a look at tranzit’s upcoming programme and join us if you are around:

Romania – Bucharest, Exhibition, Teodor Graur: Nostalgia
18 June – 18 September 2014

Teodor Graur is a Bucharest-based artist, with a practice spanning more than three decades and an uninterrupted presence on the local scene during all this time. From the evocative observations in the photographs of the 80s, to the humorous objects and performances of the 90s and to the exuberant installations of today, his body of work gives account of a tireless curiosity and is a sometimes reflective, sometimes ironic witness to the transformations of the context in which he lives. References to the cultural avant-garde of the 20th century are mixed with a celebration of found materials (organic, artisanal, serial etc.), the artist crafting them together in repurposed objects that can tell both personal and collective histories, that are both recognizable and unexpected. The exhibition curated by Raluca Voinea in the space of tranzit. ro/ Bucureşti presents a selection of images and motifs that are defining for the artist’s approach or recurrent in his work, constructed around a sense of longing for a past which is changeable, resourceful, useful today, which we don’t analyse but we feel.

Italy – Venice Architecture Biennale, Armenian Pavilion
7 June – 23 November 2014

If you’re planning a trip to Venice, visit the Architecture Biennale and check out the Armenian Pavilion co-curated by Georg Schöllhammer, director of Yerevan – the Capital of Desire…

Hungary – Bánkitó Festival at Lake Bánk
17 – 19 July 2014 will again participate in the unique summer festival, located at Lake Bánk in the North of Hungary near the Slovak Border.

Lake Bánk Summer Camp was a private summer camp which was held by the liberal pedagogue Eszter Leveleki from the 30s throughout the late 70s in Bánk, a multilingual countryside village close to the Slovak border with strong liberal traditions. Among the children participating in the camps were Holocaust survivors, orphans and children who should be saved from political intervention. Many of the participants of Leveleki’s summer camps later became prominent cultural figures in Hungary.

This year invited artists Gábor Erlich, Miklós Mécs and Hajnalka Tulisz to realize a project at the Bánkitó Festival. The event will take place in multiple venues, and investigates if art is able to achieve direct changes, and through different identities of the artist – the useful, the useless and the needless – it also observes the ways of being effective, or even useless in public spaces.

More details coming soon here: and

Czech Republic – Prague, Exhibition, Republic of Figures, at tranzitdisplay
24 June – 17 August 2014

The exhibition Republic of Figures is curated by Tereza Stejskalová and shown at tranzitdisplay gallery located in the city center of Prague.

Sometimes the artist becomes a sort of unorthodox historian, a storyteller who speaks through an alter-ego, a found or fictional character too traumatic or incomprehensible, one that has been forgotten or has never entered history in the first place. How is it possible to imagine a community of such figures? We enter a space of an alternative history and look at the present as if from awry.

Featured artists: Adéla Babanová, Marcell Esterházy, Riccardo Giacconi, Sanja Iveković, Alice Nikitinová, Markéta Othová, Agnieszka Polska, Julita Wójcik, Martin Zet

Austria – Salzburg Summer Academy of Fine Arts
21 June – 30 August 2014

Also this year we offer fellowships for young artists and for emerging curators from the Czech Republic, Hungary, Romania and Slovak Republic to take part in a course of their choice at the Salzburg Summer Academy of Fine Arts

We are looking forward to our fellows’ presentations or participation in public events during this year’s Summer Academy. The 2014 programme of events will be online by the end of June 2014.