The World Ageing & Generations Congress

WDA World Demographic and Aging Forum

University of St. Gallen, Switzerland
29 August – 2 September 2011

Demographic developments and intergenerational relationships are key topics today and will continue to be in the coming decades. Hence, both global and national initiatives to improve the intergenerational relations, as well as to address issues of ageing societies, are important.

Together with the World Demographic & Ageing Forum, ERSTE Foundation is organising, already for the third time, special sessions on the topic of demography and ageing. The Fellows of ERSTE Foundation’s “Generations in Dialogue Fellowship for Social Researchers” are invited to present their researches on international panels. The aim of the cooperation with WDA Forum is to offer our researchers the international academic context and a platform of exchange where they can further develop their research.

The World Ageing & Generations Congress will have a focus on “Transnational Aspects of Care Giving”, analysing patterns of care migration from Central Eastern Europe towards Western Europe.

With this congress, topics of vital interest are addressed to worldwide leaders from the political arena, the business community, non-governmental organisations, and academic circles, as well as the public at large. Throughout the last three years, this congress has constituted a global platform for an exchange of opinions and experiences and the development of specific solutions.

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