The Prize for Journalism „from below“ awarded by Austrian Anti Poverty Network

The journalism prize „from below“ was created in 2010 as a project of the Austrian Anti Poverty Network. It is aiming to promote a kind of journalism which reflects the many facets of poverty, treats people concerned in a respectful way, allows their voices to be heard, lets their realities become visible and examines the societal causes of poverty. The prize “from below” is designed by people experiencing poverty and by journalists. The jury exclusively consists of people experiencing poverty.

In 2014, it was awarded for the fifth time, the categories being print media, online media, radio and television. A total of 152 contributions have been awarded in the past years, the majority of awards were given to women.

Articles and reports that were published or broadcasted by Austrian media between November 2014 and October2015 can be submitted.

Application deadline: 31 October 2015

Journalists should send their contributions to the Austrian Anti Poverty Network:

The Award ceremony takes place in Vienna on 14 December 2015.

Since 1995, the Austrian Anti Poverty Network has been acting as a lobbyist for those who have no lobby. It is committed to making the hushed-up problems of poverty and social exclusion in Austria a subject of discussion and to improving the living conditions of those concerned.