The Postcolonial 21st Century: Central Europe and Beyond

A seminar with David Chioni Moore and Vít Havránek
free school for art theory and practice
14-15 October 2011, Budapest
Preparatory reading seminar: 6 October 2011, 5 pm, Labor, Képíró utca 6.

The fall seminar of the Free School for Art Theory and Practice is based on the dialogue of literary theorist and university professor David Chioni Moore (Saint Paul, Minnesota, USA) and curator/ theorist Vít Havránek, director of tranzit. cz (Prague, Czech Republic).

The massive transformations in Central Europe over the past 25 years are typically termed post-communist or post-Soviet. This two-day seminar asks whether these transformations, and Central Europe’s present and future, can also be termed post-colonial.

The seminar will be based on a dialogue between two leading figures in the application of postcolonial perspectives and theories across geographic regions and cultural fields. David Chioni Moore will focus on historical, literary, and comparative-geographic questions. Vít Havránek will represent art-historical, contemporary-art, and curatorial aspects of this question. Together, and in dialogue with the participant, they will focus on if, and how, the postcolonial perspective can be applied to post-Soviet states, especially in Central Europe, especially in the arts. We will examine theories, readings, concrete historical and current issues, case studies, and specific artists.

Our aim is to test postcolonial theory for historical and current subjects, historical facts, and artistic practices in a region that has undergone vast changes in politics, culture, and national conception in recent years.

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Picture: International Esperanto Congress of the Hungarian Federal Railways, stamp of the Hungarian Postal Service, 1962