The Organism no 1 – a curatorial attempt of institutional critique

open systems_Nowhere

As a manifestation of the artistic production that deconstructs the logic of the dominant distribution of the sensible, “The Organism1” releases the potential of the curatorial to live the institutional critique through its practice. The Organism does not reflect upon the predictable niches, suspicious borders nor usual suspects. It is not envisioned to illustrate or reproduce the existing hegemony.

 “The Organism no 1: Nowhere” addresses the role that art plays in mediating the specific temporality and related emerging complexities in the context of our global, but not globalized society. It proposes an ambivalent perspective of nowherness – “nowhere=now+here” – by transferring it, through four artistic positions, from an assumed immaterialist non-location to the Open Systems gallery as a specific location. It acts as a field of visibility for those forces that most often remain at the position of nowhere (Société Réaliste) due to the fact that they remain in the “unconsciousness” (immateriality) of the (art) world: the necessity to focus on a specific in-situ production (Ramujkić/Kruglanski); the representation of the hermetic procedures and protocols whose results are incomprehensible and invisible (Ilić); the relation between neuroplasticity and materiality (Neidich).

Date: 21 November – 15 December 2012
Location: Open Systems – Zentrum für Kunstprojekte, Lassingleithnerplatz 2, 1020 Vienna

Project Curator: Maja Ćirić
Participating artists: Siniša Ilić, Warren Neidich, Vahida Ramujkić and Aviv Kruglanski, Société Réaliste
In collaboration with the VIENNA ART WEEK

For more information on this exhibition, visit the website of Open Systems