The Need for Practice – What Practices do We Need?

Jana Kapelova_Nie my žijeme v tomto priestore ale tento priestor žije v nás 2014_foto_Matěj Smrkovský

Dear colleagues and friends,

We would like to invite you to join us to visit in Bratislava on the evening of 11 June  2014 (details for shuttle bus see below). The occasion is a discussion related to the exhibition The Need for Practice (23 May – 22 June 2014) curated by Judit Angel, director of The discussion is followed by a farewell reception as this will be the last event at the tranzit workshops – from September on will be located at a new space.

11 June 2014, 18.00h
Discussion: What Practices do We Need?

The discussion takes place within the framework of the exhibition The Need for Practice, which concentrates on the necessity of re-thinking the relation between theory and practice, symbolic resistance and direct action, art and activism, and builts on self-organisation viewed as a meaningful practice, that allows for linking individual initiative to common interest, while maintaining diversity and difference.

What Practices do We Need? considers the semantic network of the concept of self-organisation, including notions such as friendship, solidarity, collaboration, the relationship between individual and collective, the production of new forms of knowledge, public space and social imaginary. It examines the perspectives self-organisation can offer as a means of getting closer art, social struggle and political awareness in constructing a liveable future.

Moderator: Anne Szefer Karlsen, curator, currently director of Hordaland Art Centre, Bergen, Norway; Participants: Jana Kapelová, artist, cultural activist and journalist, Prague/Bratislava; Szabolcs KissPál, artist, member of Free Artists, Budapest; Michal Moravčik, artist, member of Public Pedestal, Bratislava; Jonas Staal, visual artist, founder of The New World Summit, Rotterdam; Raluca Voinea, curator, co-director of, Bucharest, editor of idea. arts + society magazine, Cluj.

Venue: tranzit workshops, Studená 12, SK – 821 04 Bratislava

Shuttle Bus

Vienna – Bratislava – Vienna

ERSTE Foundation is offering a free shuttle bus from Vienna to Bratislava and back:

Wednesday, 11 June 2014

16.30h Departure time from Vienna
Meeting point: Opernring 13-15, 1010 Wien, in front of Hotel Le Meridien

21.30h Departure time from Bratislava

22.30h Arrival back in Vienna at Opernring 13-15, 1010 Wien, in front of Hotel Le Meridien

Registration required until 5 June 2014 at:

Please be so kind to register with your first and last name and if possible give us your telephone number to contact youin case of any changes. It is recommended to bring a passport or ID-Card as a travel document. Looking forward to seeing you on the bus!

With kind regards,

Heide Wihrheim
Programme Culture


Image: Jana Kapelová, We are not living in this space, but this space lives in us, 2014, small stage form
Foto: Matěj Smrkovský