The Media War: Clash of Realities in the Ukraine Conflict

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‘The Media War: Clash of Realities in the Ukraine Conflict’ is an encounter of prominent voices who comment publicly on the continuing conflict in Ukraine, from both a Ukrainian and a Russian perspective. The recent events in the Crimea and the Donbas have been visible abroad only through journalistic coverage: by television images of besiegers and besieged, by commentary, interviews and background reports. In the media of the conflict parties completely different realities are described. The battle on the road has long since become a war of media. What distinguishes this form of propaganda from previous war reports? And is there a big hidden agenda behind steered public opinion?

We have the pleasure to invite you to a panel discussion featuring:

Oksana Boyko, host of the show “Worlds Apart” on Russia Today
Yevhen Fedchenko, Co-founder of and director of the Kyiv-Mohyla School of Journalism
Katya Gorchinskaya, Deputy Chief Editor of Ukraine’s leading English-language newspaper, the Kyiv Post
Udo Ulfkotte, German journalist and author of the book “Bought Journalists. How Politicians, Intelligence and High Finance Control Germany’s Mass Media” (2014, available only in German)
Moderation: Christian Ultsch, Head of the foreign desk, Die Presse

Date: Monday, 1 December 2014 | 7 p.m.
Diplomatic Academy of Vienna | Favoritenstraße 15a | 1040 Vienna
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This is the first edition of a new series of talks initiated by us in cooperation with Die Presse under the headline ‘The European Match. Controversies and Encounters’:

1989 was the year of the great transition in Europe. After nearly four decades of global tensions, the era of the Great Powers and ideologies and the separation of East and West seemed over. Today, 25 years later, Europe is still no unified continent. Old and new trenches break up again. Economic instability, social inequality, and a cultural scene reorienting itself raise questions about social cohesion. There is much at stake. In the talk series The European Match we want to bring together experts and actors from East and West: to learn from a match of arguments, to give matches the opportunity for exciting controversy, and to search for those topics that can match the different needs, interests and quirks of this so diverse and therefore so rich continent.