The debate about Europe continues: Freedom at stake? Surveillance and the fear of terror in the constitutional state

5 December 2010, 11 am, Burgtheater, Vienna
Bedrohte Freiheit? Überwachung und Terrorangst im Rechtsstaat
A debate in the series Debating Europe

Governments collecting citizens’ biometrical data, businesses tracking customers’ preferences, employers using illegal surveillance practices to detect illoyal staff members, … Where are we heading? Are the fight against terror and economic crime, the benedictions of customer loyalty programmes and social networks good reasons for the chase for personal data? Or are we heading for a state of total control, a society of the “transparent”? These questions will be discussed on 5 December at the Burgtheater.

On the panel:
Joachim Gauck, civil rights activist, candidate for the German presidency in 2010
Otto Schily, former Home Secretary of Germany
Hans-Christian Ströbele, lawyer, deputy to the German parliament for the Green party
Rolf Tophoven, journalist, terrorism expert

Moderation: Alexandra Föderl-Schmid, Editor-in-chief Der Standard
Debate in German language

Tickets for the debate are available at the Burgtheater’s box office, phone +43 (0)1 514 44 41 40, or online at

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