TEMPS D'IMAGES: interdisciplinary arts festival

11-20 November 2011
The Paintbrush Factory, Cluj, Romania

For the 4th time this year, the festival TEMPS D’IMAGES will unite theatre, dance and video art in interdisciplinary artistic forms, where the image plays a dramaturgical role. Initiated in 2002, the festival has taken place in various European cities; since 2008, it has been organised in Romania by colectivA Association in The Paintbrush Factory, a centre for contemporary art in the outskirts of Cluj.

Beside its overall goal of raising awareness of contemporary societal problems such as discrimination, corruption and poverty in Romania, the festival aims at supporting students’ education through workshops and lectures by important figures in dance and theatre and to organise an independent Romanian showcase for artists who are trying to reflect society in artistic projects.

This year’s programme includes interdisciplinary performances, workshops, video exhibitions, lectures, screenings and audio-visual concerts — all of them under the theme of crossing the line between performing arts and moving image arts. The activities will deal with social issues, in the first place with the transformation of the Romanian society since 1989.

A booklet in Romanian and English will accompany the festival.

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