‘TEACH ME PET ME’ @tranzit.ro/Iasi

Speech act_Rachel Koolen_crop_Iasi_event

tranzit.ro/ Iaşi invites us on Thursday, 11 October 2012, starting 3pm, to the opening of the exhibition TEACH ME PET ME / ÎNVAŢĂ-MĂ ALINTĂ-MĂ.

The exhibition gathers practices and people in an attempt to state that political thought mysteriously lies on the grounds of the small gesture. TEACH ME PET ME presents videos, installations, paintings and photography by Andrea Faciu (DE/RO), Rachel Koolen (NL), Nono Pessoa (BE), George Doroş (RO) and Eleni Kamma (CY/GR).

The opening is preceded by a press conference and a public discussion with tranzit.org representatives, who are for the first time in Romania since the launch of tranzit.ro: Vit Havranek (tranzit.cz), Dora Hegyi (tranzit.hu), Livia Pancu, Attila Tordai, Raluca Voinea (tranzit.ro), and Christine Böhler (Director of Programme Culture, ERSTE Foundation, and member of tranzit.org Board of Directors).

The discussion will be followed by presentations, screenings and lecture-performances by the artists in the exhibition, and the evening will conclude with the official opening.

The space of tranzit.ro/ Iaşi is the first that has opened, to be followed this autumn by the spaces in Cluj and Bucharest. The main programme of tranzit.ro for 2012-2013 is developed under the title “Fiction, Rhetoric and Facts”, a programme built in the three different cities through exhibitions, lectures, workshops, public interventions and other formats.

tranzit.ro – Iaşi office
S.C.IASITEX.S.A tower building, 7th floor
B-dul Primăverii, nr. 2
700189, Iaşi