Tanja Widmann: Eine von Euch. @tranzit.cz

from the exhibition 'eine von euch', by Tanja Widmann

With the exhibition ‘eine von euch’ / ‘one of you’, newly produced, Tanja Widmann embarks on a journey through time to the present – she returns to a historical threshold that can be considered the origin of our contemporary economic orders and labor economies, as well as of the concomitant (and resultant) structures of social networks and subject positions. At the same time, ‘eine von euch’ conjoins these political-economic debates as a speculative constellation in a feminist perspective with questions of artistic authorship and collective production as well as the status of work, commodity and object.

The center and starting point of ‘eine von euch’ are Tanja Widmann’s video performances, which can be seen on the three monitors in the main rooms of the exhibition. These are in turn based on disjunctive text collages, cut-ups and montages.
At first glance they seem to incorporate an extremely divergent spectrum of texts, language forms and modes of speaking: starting with early speeches by Margaret Thatcher from the late 70s, through the research findings by the feminist primatologist Sarah Blaffer Hrdy, who investigated the social and aggression behavior of female apes in the early 80s, through Frederick Wiseman’s observation of scientific research practices in his film ‘Primate’ (1974), Felix Guattari’s psychoanalytical sessions with his patient R.A., several features from the popular BBC wildlife series, Jean-Luc Godard’s Film “Sauve qui peu (la vie)” from 1980, all the way to contemporary artist blogs and the oedipal logic of Britney Spear’s Song “Mmm Papi”.

30.11.2012 – 10.02.2013
opening 29.11. 7 p.m.
Dittrichova 9, Prague